RTS 1300

RTS 1300

Railing awning is a robust system that can be used in all weather conditions and works with a special tensioning system. Their structures are long – lasting and are adabtable to all kinds of spaces.

Railing awnings can be used in outer spaces of cafes and restaurants, in gardens and terraces of residences in all seasons. Railing awning systems protect from the summer heat and the sun’s harmful rays, the winter rain and the impact of adverse weather conditions due to its three-layer fabric. Rails and moving parts do not make sound and are not required maintenance. Railing awning system which is controlled by remote control is very practical due to its retractable feature.

Closed spaces can be created by applying various covering systems around railing awning systems. So, while your spaces become open environments in summer heats; they become closed spaces in difficult weather conditions in winter and it is an awning model that offers you outer space fun for 4 seasons.

  • System: RTS 1300
  • Lenght: 2m – 10m
  • Forward Expansion: 2m – 6m
  • Control: Remote Control
  • Option: Led Lighting, Wind Sensor

The Becker engine handle the movement of the automatic awning system is controlled by remote control. The system has the own feature  to be connected in parellel without  using the relay and the receiver can be integrated with wireless contollability. The radio frequency level 868MHZ. Easy channel selection and use control system.

The anti-squeeze feature automatically stops the system when any object is encountered. It provides maximum tensioning in the railing awning product with high torque characteristics. Becker engines have many products such as full automation wind sensor, sun sensor, radio receiver dimmer and home automation (B-Tronic).